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Course // Digital dentistry

Florin Cofar, Ioan Barbur

DSD Kinetics

12 - 13.03.2016, Timisoara. Available places: 14.

Florin Cofar & Ioan "Johnny" Barbur

Course designed for:  orthodontists, non-specialists & multidisciplinary teams

Live case. Complete planning. Video mock-up. Information transfer 2D to 3D.

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Article // 05.06.2015 // Aesthetic dentistry


The story of the true smile 

The smile becomes the most simple manner in which we can communicate our true inner self. 

What is #TimisoaraZambeste (translation #TimisoaraSmiles)

A photographic project created and documented by Flavius Neamciuc ( photographer and visual storyteller ) , with the purpose of capturing portraits of people while smiling with their whole heart; from everywhere and anywhere, on the streets, parks, squares or any place from the city of Timisoara.

Our purpose as Dentcof - dental clinic 

Is to help people regain trust, and smile with all their heart, express who they really are. 

Our purpose as supporters of #TimisoaraSmiles

To show to the world one simple truth: we do not need perfect teeth for a perfect smile. What we need is to be genuine, authentic and accept who we are.

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Ioan Barbur

DSD Kinetics Clinical 2016

14 - 15.03.2016, Timisoara. Available places: 4.

DSD Kinetics Clinical

14-15th of March 2016 

Over-the-shoulder experience with Dr. Ioan "Johnny" Barbur

  • Workflow of the new DSD & Ortho protocol
  • Observing more than 30 Dentcof cases 
  • All cases multidisciplinary, fully documented 
  • Follow up and Quality control protocol during treatment
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Medical case // 06.05.2015 // Implant dentistry // Aesthetic dentistry

Dana, Romania- dental veneers, dental crowns

Treatment team: Dr. Cristina Sas, Dr. Ioan Cofar, Dr. Alin Dinca, TD Ioana Popp
Dana is a complex rehabilitation case. She was unsatisfied by the gums aspect and wanted white teeth and harmonious forms.
Dana is very confident, she loves her smile, that suits her perfectly. 
"The smile is the happiness that is right under your nose." Tom Wilson
Between August 31st and September 20th, the Dentcof clinic will be closed. For any information during this period please contact us via email:
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Complete and complex
dental solutions

We believe the future of dentistry means flawless planning using digital 3D technology, means simulating final results before any procedures are performed and fabricating all components, surgical guides, orthodontic appliances and ceramic restorations using CAD-CAM.

This way we can achieve:

  • Outstanding precision and long term results.
  • Individualised restorations that copy shape and texture of natural teeth.
  • Surgical guides for implants and any surgical procedure.
  • Treatments that are faster, have reduced trauma and increased comfort.
All of these are a present reality at Dentcof, which serves as R&D centre for digital dentistry and Education centre, sharing education to dentists from 35+ countries annually.