Course  Anterior zone - Perio, implant, prostho integration - digital protocols

Florin Cofar, Gustavo Giordani, Marcelo Giordani

15 - 17.10.2015, Timisoara. Available places: 3.

Perio - implant - prostho integration --> digital protocols. Raising performance by using the latest updates in digital dentistry  

Live surgeries and round table discussions. 

 Course  Experience IV - Patient coordination workflow in Dentcof clinic

Maria Macarescu

27 - 27.11.2015, Romania. Available places: 3.

A day in the Dentcof clinic. How we guide the patient from the moment he contacts us, up until the end of the treatment. Complete Dentcof protocol. 

 Course  Lecture - Combining function, biology & aesthetics

Cyril Gallard, Christophe Hue

01 - 01.02.2016, Timisoara. Available places: 17.

Theoretical presentation. Identifing physiological occlusion. Functional analysis. Treatment of worn teeth. Case presentations.

 Course  Combining function, biology & aesthetics

Florin Cofar, Cyril Gallard, Christophe Hue

02 - 04.02.2016, Timisoara. Available places: 4.

The treatment of worn teeth : simple and predictable. Diagnosis and DSD planning. Occlusion identification. Occlusal wax-up. LIVE case - complete treatment.