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Florin Cofar, Teodora Motorca

Marketing Strategy 2

28 - 29.11.2015, Timisoara. Available places: 18.

Marketing Strategy - Florin Cofar 

The dentistry and managerial vision combined

Main topics:

  • Your market ID - Identifying yourself in the market. Balancing strengths and weaknesses, and using them as leverage for competitive gain. 
  • Brand culture - Doctor vs Clinic.
  • Services design - Designing Desire for Esthetic Services 
  • Emotional content - How to design an unique patient experience 
  • Visual Communication - Present and future standard in dental industry.  
  • Internal marketing - Why internal marketing is powerful, how can you value it.
  • Online marketing - Simplifying and demystifying online and social media.
  • Traditional marketing - dilemmas and mistakes of traditional marketing applied to dental services.
  • Case studies and practical examples
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Medical case // 27.10.2014 // Aesthetic dentistry

Victor, Timisoara, Romania - Incognito, gingival graft, ceramic veneers

Treatment team: Dr. Florin Cofar, Dr. Ioan Cofar, Dr. Ioan Barbur, KPG Cristina Josan, Dr. Eric Van Dooren

Victor’s case has been planned with the DSD - digital smile design. To align the teeth he worn Incognito invisible braces for a year. To complete the smile line we performed ceramic veneers in collaboration with D.T . Edson Da Silva.

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Maria Macarescu

KPG Dentcof Experience

30.11 - 30.05.2015, Timisoara. Available places: 4.

KPG Experience

8th of June 2015

Patient workflow seminar 
with Florin Cofar and KPG manager, Maria Macarescu 
  • Details on DSD, treatment planning, presenting the patient, Dentcof protocol
  • Over the shoulder for first, second, third visit of the patients
  • Working with Dentcof aesthetic cases that need to accept the treatment

A Dentcof In-House concept. All right reserved.

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Jordi Manauta, Anna Salat


21 - 22.09.2015, Timisoara. Available places: 13.

Layers - The perfect recipes

with Jordi Manauta & Anna Salat

21-22nd of September 2015 

Tips and tricks for the everyday practice with composites

Lecture, demonstration and hands-on

62 Simion Barnutiu Street, 2nd and 5th floors, Timisoara
From Monday to Friday, between 08:00 - 20:00

Front Desk: +4 0256 219 197
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Complete and complex
dental solutions

We believe the future of dentistry means flawless planning using digital 3D technology, means simulating final results before any procedures are performed and fabricating all components, surgical guides, orthodontic appliances and ceramic restorations using CAD-CAM.

This way we can achieve:

  • Outstanding precision and long term results.
  • Individualised restorations that copy shape and texture of natural teeth.
  • Surgical guides for implants and any surgical procedure.
  • Treatments that are faster, have reduced trauma and increased comfort.
All of these are a present reality at Dentcof, which serves as R&D centre for digital dentistry and Education centre, sharing education to dentists from 35+ countries annually.